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A Cure is on the Horizon


 A Cure is on the Horizon….be part of the discovery

Horizon Health Network supports clinical investigators in over 700 research studies every year. Our mandate is to encourage new research projects, support ongoing research, develop partnerships and foster research within our various programs. Horizon is launching a research registry and we are inviting you to become involved. By joining this registry, you will be supporting us in our quest to discover new knowledge. 

Becoming part of the research registry allows you to inform us of your research interests. When you complete the form, the information you provide is entered in a secure database held in the Research Services Department in the Saint John office. A member of the Research Services team will contact you when opportunities arise that match your indicated area(s) of research interest. This registry is completely voluntary and you can choose to remove your information at any time.

How can you join? Simply complete the attached form and submit.

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