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Patients and Visitors

At Horizon Health Network the overall care and safety of our patients is our first priority. Whether you are coming for an appointment, attending a clinic at your local health centre, or visiting a loved one at the hospital, we want to do everything possible to make sure your experience with us is positive.

New: Family Presence Policy

Notice: We cannot accept medical sharps for disposal. Sharps are medical instruments that are sharp or may produce sharp pieces such as needles, scalpels, blades, broken test tubes, and glass that may contain human blood, fluids and tissues with pathogens.

Alternate Disposal Options

  • Your nearest pharmacy
  • AIDS NB  (1-800-561-4009)
  • Daniels Health Ecoship program offers pick-up and delivery of sharps containers. For details, including cost, call 1-888-793-2966.
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