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NB Organ and Tissue Program

The NB Organ and Tissue Program (NBOTP) is a provincial program working directly with health care providers and deceased donor families to coordinate and support organ, cornea, and tissue donation across New Brunswick. It also exists to increase awareness and promote organ and tissue donation.

If you needed an organ or cornea or tissue transplant would you have one? If so, please help others.

In New Brunswick hundreds of people are currently waiting for a hero.

You could be that hero.

The decision to become an organ, cornea or tissue donor is an important commitment. There are approximately 4,400 Canadians waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. Not everyone in need of a vital organ receives a transplant. In fact, on average 250 Canadians die each year waiting. By becoming an organ, cornea, or tissue donor, you are saving or improving lives.

1 Organ Donor can save up to 8 lives.

1 Tissue Donor (e.g. bones and tendons) can improve the lives of 75 people.

1 Ocular Donor (e.g. corneas) can restore sight for 2 people.

Anyone can be a potential organ donor, no matter your age or health. The medical suitability of the organs, corneas, and tissues is determined by trained health professionals.

You are six times more likely to need a transplant than to become an organ donor.

It only takes two simple steps to indicate your intent to donate:

1. Indicate your intent to donate on your Provincial Medicare Card. You can do this by calling Service New Brunswick at 1-888-762-8600 and select "2" to request your Medicare Card be updated. Your new Medicare card will clearly display a "D" to indicate you are a donor. You may change or withdraw your decision to donate at any time.

2. Discuss your decision with your family or loved ones. It is important that those closest to you know your wishes.

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Thousands of New Brunswickers mistakenly believe they are registered organ donors. Make sure you are registered by checking your Provincial Medicare card where it clearly displays a "D" to indicate you are a donor. Or you can do this by calling Service New Brunswick at 1-888-762-8600 and select "2" to request your Medicare Card updated.

Did you know when you register to be an organ donor; this is intent to donate and not consent. In most cases, families honour their loved ones' decision to donate if they have evidence that it's what they wanted. But the legal next-of-kin have the final decision. This is why it is important to talk to your family about your wishes; one day this act could save a life.

Myth: I'm already registered because I signed my donor card.

  • Fact: Even if you signed a donor card it is intent to donate and not consent. This is why it is important to talk to your family about your wishes

Myth: I can't be an organ donor because my religion won't allow it.

  • Fact: Most religions support organ and tissue donation because it can save the life of another.

Myth: I can't be a donor because I have/had a serious illness (cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, etc)

  • Fact: Despite health condition, you still have the potential to be a donor. All potential donors are evaluated on an individual, medical, case-by-case basis.

Myth: Organ donation will affect my funeral.

  • Fact: Organ and Tissue donation does not generally disrupt funeral plans.

Myth: Families have to pay for organ donation.

  • Fact: Organ and Tissue donation does not cost families anything. They are giving a gift.

Myth: There's no way anyone would want my organs or tissue - I'm too old.

  • Fact: There is NO age limit for organ donation, however the current age limit for tissue donation is 75 years.

Myth: If I sign my card, doctors won't work as hard to save my life.

  • Fact: The first concern for any health care professionals is to do everything possible to save lives. Indicate your intention to donate do not have any impact on the effort made by health care professional to save your life.